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Tirto Writer : An old typewriter font

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Evergreen Memories

Ever need to use a text with an old font? Do you want to use a font to make it look like an old document? Or do you want to use a font that could create a text that contains documentary themes inside it? Tirto Writer is the perfect font for you.

Tirto writer is a font that inspires by an old typewriter. Like any other licensed font out there, this font already had one package inside it; you will have the font, Uppercase letters, lowercase letters, Punctuations, and numbers.

This Old Typewriter Font is a Bread and Butter For Doing Retro Designs. No matter how far ahead in the future, we also need to revisit history and remember what happened inside that history.

Same as font, if you are working on a retro movie, vintage subtitles, or even trying to reenact the original old typewriter font. Tirto Writer is a perfect replica or similar to the old typewriter font. This font fits well with any products that require a retro/vintage touch.

The Old Typewriter Font Has A High Value And Last Long Despite How Old The Font Look. Some designers never look over this font because of its look.

The font has a high value due to being one of the predecessors of the typewriter font that already appeared a long time ago. Few designers try to accomplish retro/vintage old document that looks destroyed, and those designers could use Tirto Writer with some Photoshop actions to achieve those results.


Use our Old typewriter font generator to try different phrases you want to use in your design. When you decide this is the university font you need, choose the license option and complete the transaction process.

After your buying process is complete, our system will automatically send the download link to your email inbox. The download link is also available in the customer dashboard.


What is the font for an old typewriter?

Tirto Writer is one of your best options if you need something similar with simpler licensing.

Can i use this old typewriter font for instagram?

Absolutely. Please refer to our license page for more detail about our license terms.

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