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Quartist : An alternative for new york font

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Quartist is a serif font as an alternative to the famous New York Font that already exists out there. Maybe you want to use a similar type of font like the New York Font, this is the choice for you.

This font is multipurpose for display, body text, and brand/logos. While it gave you a relaxed and calm vibe, this font still delivered some messages to any text you wanted to write. If you work on a design that needs a luxury touch but not too much at the same time, you can use this font without facing that problem.

This font gives you this relaxed and calm vibe but doesn’t get to either, this font is like the ocean, it gives you a peaceful feeling but deadly at the same time, and the font itself looks beautiful but still straightforward. It has gorgeous edges, and the lines are pretty much straight. The font had a luxury style also, so if you are working on a premium brand or product, this font is great to use regarding those subjects. In the end, the main point is this font might beautiful but still has a good purpose for delivering some important messages in the text, Giving you calm looks but drowning you in the text.

This font has luxurious looks and relaxed vibes. With that statement, this font is good for some brands that need prestige atmosphere on their products. Perfumes companies could use this font to display their products since this font felt prompt with products like that. If you look at the image previews, Using this font as a display web header is not that bad either. Products like furniture are also a great example of a product that could have used this font. This font is already packed with some characters to use, so you don’t need to worry if you feel lacking in letters or numbers. Overall this font is suited for many products and occasions.


Use our New york font generator to try different phrases you want to use in your design. When you decide this is the university font you need, choose the license option and complete the transaction process.

After your buying process is complete, our system will automatically send the download link to your email inbox. The download link is also available in the customer dashboard.


What is the font that is similar to New york?

Quartist is one of your best options if you need something similar with simpler licensing.

Can I use this New york font alternative for commercial use?

Absolutely. Please refer to our license page for more detail about our license terms.

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