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<path d="m381.015,464.194s-2.691-9.699-4.01-9.559c-1.319.141,3.232,9.982,3.232,9.982,0,0-5.609-8.018-7.08-6.864-1.471,1.154,6.668,7.465,6.668,7.465,0,0-7.562-3.683-8.296-2.107-.734,1.576,8.214,3.141,8.214,3.141,0,0-8.536.209-8.231,2.028.304,1.82,8.445-1.514,8.445-1.514,0,0-6.071,5.443-5.384,6.193s5.694-5.827,5.694-5.827c0,0-3.041,6.624-1.738,7.464,1.303.84,2.396-7.101,2.396-7.101,0,0,.279,7.448,1.532,7.535,1.253.087-.658-7.506-.65

Consultation Illustration

Permitted uses :
  • End Products Not For Sale
  • One personal social media account with non-commercial activities

Cannot be used for :

  • End products for sale
  • Business social media accounts
  • Physical or digital paid advertisements
  • Native apps, web apps, or games
You can not redistribute it, resell it, sub-license, or offer our files to any third party. Please, give a link to us instead of uploading the file to your server.
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