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Bruce Forever : A font inspired by The Batman

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Bruce Forever is a display font that took the Batman Forever movie from 1995 as inspiration. Yes, you can call it Batman Forever Font if you want to.

We can use Bruce Forever to showcase a product or commercial material. Not only for products, but you can also use it for display text such as making a poster, landing page, or even logo.

The characteristic of this font is that it has sharp curves along the letters that make it look serious to read. We can unlock the true potential of this font by using design applications.

If you can use it properly, that serious vibe that the font had will turn into something interesting for your products or things that you want to showcase with the font. Of course, with the influence of the batman fonts, this font will easily recognize because of the movie.

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Every font had its power to make itself different and stand out from the others. Wondering what made this font unique and stand out that this font had a consistent style, you will see the example of the font used in the image preview.

Not Particularly that stands out, but this font had a lower case that looks almost the same as its on-display form. You can see the example from the batman movie posters loved by the fans.

If you are looking for The Batman 2022 font, you can read our recommendation below in the faq section.


Use our Batman font generator to try different phrases you want to use in your design. When you decide this is the Batman font you need, choose the license option and complete the transaction process.

After your buying process is complete, our system will automatically send the download link to your email inbox. The download link is also available in the customer dashboard.


How to get Batman Forever font?

Bruce Forever is one of your best options if you need something similar with simpler licensing.

What is the font used for Batman 2022?

Bebas font is maybe the closest you’ll get. Bebas is a free display font for headlines, captions, and titling designed by Ryoichi Tsunekawa.

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