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Atlanta College : A university font

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Atlanta College is a display font commonly used for college assets, especially American College. We can use this font for designing college football team jerseys, cheerleader uniforms, or the university logo.

This font gives us a Vintage feels for our designs. So if you need this font to make some vintage banner, team logo, or a product, this font is the font that you’ll need. Not just for college logos, you can use this font for other purposes like sports posters or varsity jackets.

Atlanta College comes in various forms. From uppercase to lower case, multilingual supports, punctuations, and numbers. This font becomes special because it is very versatile on many occasions.

The vintage but not so old design that the font had makes it looks beautiful. With the multilingual support, you can make a unique design by combining a regular letter with the multilingual to create font combos that will look attractive. The font will still look good even without a logo or images.

Just our two cents, this font is not good enough for branding due to the generic serif style. If you want to make a logo based on texts using this font, it could make people not recognize your logo carefully and not have an impact on them because it felt mediocre for someone to take a look. The font will look better for writing a quote, a match card, or on clothes.

This font usually could appear and be used in products like posters, banners, logos, clothing, vintage movie title, and sporting events like American Football and Major League Baseball. In the image previews, we used it in a sporting event such as American football due to the font matching the theme of the sport.


Use our University font generator to try different phrases you want to use in your design. When you decide this is the university font you need, choose the license option and complete the transaction process.

After your buying process is complete, our system will automatically send the download link to your email inbox. The download link is also available in the customer dashboard.


How can i get university font with outline?

Atlanta College is one of your best options if you need university font with outline.

Can I use this university font on Canva?

Absolutely. Please refer to our license page for more detail about our license terms.

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