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Aesthetic Instagram Highlight Covers

aesthetic instagram highlight covers

Looking for a way to make your Instagram highlights look beautiful and aesthetic like those of influencers? We’ve created a complete guide on how to find, download, and install Aesthetic Instagram highlight cover templates. Why use random Instagram highlight covers when you can use aesthetic ones?

What is Instagram Highlight?

The Instagram Highlight launched at the end of 2017. Insta Highlight is a feature that helps us create a collection of Instagram Stories. Every story we put in the Highlight will appear permanently forever, so it’s not just for 24 hours anymore.

Instagram Highlight display as an image, photo, or round icon below our IG profile. When people click it, the Instagram system will autoplay all the stories inside this Highlight. This image, photo, or round icon is called the Instagram Highlight Cover. By default, Instagram randomly selects an image from the story and changes it into a cover that we can change later.

By creating Instagram Highlight, our IG friends and followers can easily choose which story themes they want to see through the Instagram Highlight icons that we have set.

Instagram Highlight Cover Size

Generally, the available Instagram highlights cover templates size on the internet are 1080x1920px and 1080x1080px.


There are two things that we need to consider before creating Instagram highlights:

  1. The number of highlights that are displayed. Since the space available is limited, it is best to limit the number of Instagram highlights to a maximum of 8. It will ensure that the stories within each highlight have the same content theme and are relevant to the title.
  2. Use Instagram highlight covers with the same design theme to give our Instagram profile a unique identity.

Below are examples of available aesthetic Instagram highlight templates you can get.

Black Instagram Highlight Covers

black instagram highlight covers

Instagram Highlight Covers Pink

instagram highlight covers pink

Me Instagram Highlight Cover

me instagram highlight cover

Aesthetic Boho Instagram Highlight Covers Brown

aesthetic instagram highlight covers brown

Blue Instagram Highlight Covers

blue instagram highlight covers

Food Instagram Highlight Covers

food instagram highlight covers

Travel Instagram Highlight Covers

travel instagram highlight covers

Nails Instagram Highlight Cover

nails instagram highlight cover

Friends Instagram Highlight Covers

friends instagram highlight covers

Marble Instagram Highlight Covers

marble instagram highlight covers

Floral Instagram Highlight Cover

floral instagram highlight cover

Fitness Gym Instagram Highlight Cover

fitness gym instagram highlight cover

Books Instagram Highlight Cover

books instagram highlight cover

Aesthetic Instagram Highlight Covers Green

aesthetic instagram highlight covers green

Family Instagram Highlight Cover

family instagram highlight cover

Highlight IG Love

highlight ig love

How to get them?

1. Open The Catalog by clicking the button above.

2. Search your preferable color using the search box.

download aesthetic instagam highlight cover icons

3. Click the thumbnail image and complete the transaction process.

4. You will get the download link in your email inbox and user dashboard.

5. Extract the zip file and use it for your Instagram account.

How to Install

Use the edit highlight menu to change the cover of your Instagram highlights. You can find this menu by holding your finger on the Instagram highlight cover you want to change. Click on the edit cover menu to replace it with the image that you previously created and downloaded.

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